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Take 5

Take 5 (also known as 6 nimmt!) is a card game where players try to avoid taking bullheads by playing cards in ascending order. Each card has a value and players must strategically choose which card to play.

6.97 / 10
BGG Rating
published year
2 - 10
player count
4 - 10
Recommended player count
45 mins
play time

How Complex is Take 5?

1.19 / 5

6 nimmt! is easy to understand but requires strategic thinking and attention to other players' moves, making it a moderately complex game.

How much Luck is involved in the gameplay of Take 5?

3 / 5

Luck plays a significant role in the game as players cannot predict which cards others will play and which cards they will be dealt, but strategic card selection can mitigate the impact of luck.

How much Player Interaction does Take 5 offer?

3 / 5

Players must pay attention to each other's card plays and adjust their own strategy accordingly. The game also allows for blocking and sabotaging other players' moves.

How much Replayability does Take 5 offer?

3 / 5

The game offers high replayability due to the randomness of card distribution and the different strategies players can use to avoid taking bullheads.

Why you should play Take 5

Easy to Learn

6 nimmt! is a simple game to learn, making it a great option for new players or those who want a quick and easy game to play.

Strategic Gameplay

Despite its simplicity, 6 nimmt! requires strategic thinking and planning to win. Players must carefully choose which cards to play and when to play them to avoid taking too many bullheads.

Quick Rounds

Each round of 6 nimmt! is relatively short, lasting only a few minutes. This makes it a great option for a quick game during a lunch break or as a warm-up before a longer game.

Moderate Replayability

With a deck of 104 cards, 6 nimmt! offers a lot of variety and replayability. Each game is different, and players can experiment with different strategies and approaches to the game.

Fun for All Ages

6 nimmt! is a game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. It's a great option for families or groups of friends who want to play a game together.

Why you should avoid Take 5

Limited Player Interaction

While 6 nimmt! 1994 is a fun game; it doesn't offer a lot of player interaction. Players are mainly focused on their hands and trying to avoid taking bullheads, making the game feel a bit solitary.


Despite the game's strategic elements, there is still a significant amount of randomness involved in 6 nimmt! 1994. Players can be dealt a bad hand of cards, which can make it difficult to win.

Lack of Depth

While 6 nimmt! 1994 is a fun game; it doesn't offer a lot of depth or complexity. Players looking for a more challenging or nuanced game may find it lacking.

Limited Theme

The game doesn't have a strong theme or narrative, which may make it less appealing to players who enjoy games with immersive storylines or settings.

Limited Strategy

While there is some strategy involved in 6 nimmt! 1994, it may not be enough to satisfy players looking for a game with a lot of depth and complexity.

Where to play Take 5 online?

Where to find the Rules of Take 5

Check the rules of Take 5 in a PDF file.

You can also find the community-driven rules summary, player aid, etc., in the Take 5 files section on the BoardGameGeek website. You need an account on BGG to download files.

Beginner Strategies for Take 5

These strategies are for players who have either not played or played one or two games of Take 5.

Start with high-value cards

Try to get rid of the higher-value cards in your hand early in the game, as it can become challenging to get rid of such cards late in the game without picking buil heads.

Beware of the rows with five cards

When there are five cards in some rows, try not to play cards higher and close to the last cards of such rows. Play it safe by targeting rows with empty slots.

Keep track of the cards played

It's essential to keep track of the cards that have been played so far, as this can give you an idea of what cards may still be in players' hands.

Play high cards when only less than four slots are free in total

In such cases, more often than not, if you play a low card, you will be forced to take a lot of bullheads. Hence, try not to play closer cards to the 5-card row; also, avoid playing a low card.

Use your low cards strategically

When you have a lot of low cards, look for opportunities to get rid of them. For example, when a row has only one or two cards with fewer bullheads, use your low cards in the next round to avoid taking a lot of bullheads later.

Advanced Strategies for Take 5

Try to predict other players' moves

As you play more rounds, you'll understand how other players play. Use this knowledge to your advantage and try to predict their moves. For example, if you know a player tends to play high cards early on, you can also try to get rid of your high cards.

Avoid playing a high card to a row with less than three slots are free

This is applicable when a row starts with a high card, and other rows are almost filled. Chances are someone will play a low card and take that row, forcing you to take bullheads in other rows.

Try not to keep many low cards in hand

Keeping so many low cards in hand will ensure you will take bullheads at the end of a round which can add up quickly to ruin your score.

Don't be afraid to take bullheads

Sometimes, taking a bullhead can be a good strategy if it means avoiding taking multiple bullheads in future rounds. Just keep track of how many bullheads you've taken so far, as taking too many can quickly lead to losing the game.

Try to anticipate the end of the round

As the game nears its end, it becomes more important to play cards strategically. Try to predict which rows are likely to receive bullheads and which ones are safe, and play your cards accordingly.


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