Boardgame Manual needs your contribution!

Why does your contribution mean a lot to us?

Boardgame Manual is a website created to give key information about board games to its users within a minute or two. Initially, the data on this site is sourced using OpenAI & BGG APIs. The aim is to be a fully community-driven website.
The data from OpenAI is not 100% reliable and can be wrong or irrelevant at times. The idea is to curate the data with user contributions when required.

How to contribute?

You can contribute either by creating a new game or editing an existing game.
To create an unavailable game, search for it in the search bar in the top right corner or the home page, then click on "Can't find the game? Click here to request". Now, select the game in the dropdown and then click on Click here to continue to add a new game yourself.
On every game page, you will see a floating 'Edit game' button on the top left or bottom right. Upon clicking the button, you will be asked to log in using your Google account.
Once the login is successful, you will see text fields to edit and submit.