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Clank! In! Space!: A Deck-Building Adventure box image

Clank! In! Space!: A Deck-Building Adventure

Clank! In! Space! is a sci-fi themed deck-building game where players must sneak aboard a spaceship, steal artifacts, and escape before the evil Lord Eradikus catches them. The game features modular board pieces and unique player abilities.

7.79 / 10
BGG Rating
published year
2 - 4
player count
2 - 4
Recommended player count
45 - 90 mins
play time

How Complex is Clank! In! Space!: A Deck-Building Adventure?

2.56 / 5

Clank! In! Space! has moderate complexity, with easy-to-learn rules and mechanics, but requires strategic planning and card management to succeed.

How much Luck is involved in the gameplay of Clank! In! Space!: A Deck-Building Adventure?

2.5 / 5

Luck plays a moderate role in Clank! In! Space! as players rely on drawing cards from their deck, but strategic decisions and card management are also crucial to success.

How much Player Interaction does Clank! In! Space!: A Deck-Building Adventure offer?

3.5 / 5

Clank! In! Space! offers moderate player interaction through card acquisition and board movement blocking, but players mostly focus on their own decks and strategies. The game does include some "take that" cards to hinder opponents.

How much Replayability does Clank! In! Space!: A Deck-Building Adventure offer?

4 / 5

Clank! In! Space! offers high replayability with modular board pieces, multiple paths to victory, and randomized card decks. The game also includes various expansions to add even more variety.

Why you should play Clank! In! Space!: A Deck-Building Adventure

Engaging gameplay

Clank! In! Space! offers an exciting deck-building adventure that keeps players engaged from start to finish. The game is easy to learn, but offers enough depth to keep even experienced players interested.

Unique theme

The sci-fi theme of Clank! In! Space! is a refreshing change from the typical fantasy or medieval themes found in many board games. The game's humorous tone and colorful artwork add to the fun.


With multiple paths to victory and a variety of cards and game boards to choose from, Clank! In! Space! offers endless replayability. No two games are ever the same.


Clank! In! Space! requires players to carefully manage their deck of cards and make strategic decisions about when to take risks and when to play it safe. The game rewards players who can think ahead and plan their moves carefully.

Cooperative and competitive play

Clank! In! Space! can be played as a cooperative or competitive game, depending on the players' preferences. The game offers a variety of modes and options to suit any group's play style.

Solo play

Clank! In! Space! also offers a solo play mode, making it a great option for those who prefer to play alone or who want to practice their skills before playing with others.

Expansion options

Clank! In! Space! has several expansion packs available, which add new cards, game boards, and gameplay mechanics to the base game. This allows players to customize their experience and keep the game fresh and exciting.

Why you should avoid Clank! In! Space!: A Deck-Building Adventure

Luck-based gameplay

While Clank! In! Space! requires strategic thinking and planning, luck also plays a significant role in the game. Players who are unlucky with their card draws or who suffer from bad rolls of the dice may find themselves at a disadvantage.

Lengthy playtime

Clank! In! Space! can take a while to play, especially with larger groups. The game's length may not be suitable for players who prefer shorter, more fast-paced games.


While the game is easy to learn, it can be quite complex, especially for new players. The game's many cards and mechanics may be overwhelming for some, and may require multiple playthroughs to fully understand.

Competitive play may not be for everyone

While Clank! In! Space! can be played cooperatively, the game is primarily designed for competitive play. Players who prefer cooperative games or who are not comfortable with direct competition may not enjoy the game as much.

Theme may not appeal to everyone

While the sci-fi theme of Clank! In! Space! is unique and fun, it may not appeal to everyone. Players who prefer more traditional fantasy or historical themes may not enjoy the game's setting and artwork.

Where to find the Rules of Clank! In! Space!: A Deck-Building Adventure

You can find the community-driven rules summary, player aid, etc., in the Clank! In! Space!: A Deck-Building Adventure files section on the BoardGameGeek website. You need an account on BGG to download files.

Beginner Strategies for Clank! In! Space!: A Deck-Building Adventure

These strategies are for players who have either not played or played one or two games of Clank! In! Space!: A Deck-Building Adventure.

Focus on acquiring cards that allow you to draw more cards or gain more actions. This will help you cycle through your deck faster and get to the cards you need more quickly.

Be mindful of the noise you're making. The more noise you make, the more likely you are to attract the attention of the security forces and take damage. Try to balance moving quickly with making too much noise.

Keep an eye on the market and try to acquire cards that work well together. For example, if you have a card that allows you to draw more cards, look for other cards that allow you to play multiple cards in a turn.

Don't forget to acquire cards that allow you to heal or remove Clank! from the board. Taking damage or leaving Clank! on the board for too long can be dangerous.

Be strategic about when you choose to leave the board. You want to make sure you have enough points to win, but you also don't want to risk getting caught by the security forces.

Finally, don't be afraid to take risks and try new things. Clank! In! Space! is a game that rewards creativity and experimentation. Have fun and enjoy the adventure!

Advanced Strategies for Clank! In! Space!: A Deck-Building Adventure

Pay attention to the cards that other players are acquiring. If you notice that someone is building a strong deck, try to disrupt their strategy by taking cards they need or playing cards that force them to discard.

Be mindful of the different paths you can take through the board. Some paths may be more dangerous than others, but they may also offer greater rewards. Consider taking risks if you think the potential reward is worth it.

Use your movement wisely. Sometimes it's better to move a shorter distance and take a more direct path to your goal, rather than taking a longer path that may be safer but less efficient.

Keep track of the cards in your deck and try to thin it out as much as possible. The more cards you have in your deck, the less likely you are to draw the cards you need when you need them.

Be aware of the different factions in the game and how they interact with each other. Some cards may have special abilities that only work with certain factions, so it's important to pay attention to which cards you're acquiring and how they fit into your overall strategy.

Finally, don't forget to have fun! Clank! In! Space! is a game that rewards creativity and experimentation, so don't be afraid to try new things and see what works best for you.


Modular Board
Open Drafting
Point to Point Movement
Push Your Luck
Deck, Bag, and Pool Building
Player Elimination
Delayed Purchase


Science Fiction