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Champions of Midgard

Champions of Midgard is a Viking-themed worker placement game where players recruit warriors, gather resources, and battle monsters to earn glory and become the new Jarl of a Viking village.

7.72 / 10
BGG Rating
published year
2 - 4
player count
2 - 4
Recommended player count
60 - 90 mins
play time

How Complex is Champions of Midgard?

2.61 / 5

Champions of Midgard has moderate complexity, with easy-to-learn rules and mechanics, but requires strategic planning and decision-making to master.

How much Luck is involved in the gameplay of Champions of Midgard?

3.5 / 5

Luck plays a significant role in the game through dice rolls for combat and resource gathering, but strategic choices and worker placement can mitigate its impact.

How much Player Interaction does Champions of Midgard offer?

3.5 / 5

Players can block each other's worker placement spots and compete for resources and warriors, but combat is mostly against monsters, not other players.

How much Replayability does Champions of Midgard offer?

4 / 5

The game offers multiple paths to victory, different combinations of monsters and warriors, and variable player powers, making each play unique and enjoyable.

Why you should play Champions of Midgard

Engaging Theme

Champions of Midgard is set in a Viking world where players take on the role of leaders of Viking clans. The game's theme is immersive and engaging, making it a great choice for players who enjoy games with strong themes.

Strategic Gameplay

The game offers a variety of strategic choices, including worker placement, dice rolling, and resource management. Players must balance their actions carefully to gain the most victory points and defeat the most monsters.

Beautiful Artwork

The game features stunning artwork that captures the Viking theme perfectly. The illustrations are detailed and colorful, adding to the overall immersive experience of the game.


Champions of Midgard offers a high level of replayability due to the game's variable setup and multiple paths to victory. Each game is different, and players must adapt their strategies to the changing conditions.

Solo Play

The game includes a solo mode, allowing players to enjoy the game even when they don't have a group to play with. The solo mode is challenging and offers a great way to practice strategies before playing with others.

Expansion Options

The game has several expansions available, adding new content and gameplay options. These expansions can enhance the game's replayability and keep it fresh for players who have played the base game multiple times.

Easy to Learn

Despite its strategic depth, Champions of Midgard is relatively easy to learn. The game's rulebook is clear and concise, and the gameplay mechanics are intuitive. This makes it a great choice for players who are new to board games or who want a game that is easy to teach to others.

Why you should avoid Champions of Midgard

Luck-Based Gameplay

While Champions of Midgard offers strategic choices, the game also relies heavily on luck. The dice rolling mechanic can be frustrating for players who prefer games with less randomness.

Lengthy Playtime

The game can take a while to play, especially with larger groups. This may not be ideal for players who prefer shorter games or who have limited time to play.

Limited Player Interaction

While the game does offer some player interaction, it is not as high as other games in the genre. This may not be ideal for players who enjoy games with a high level of player interaction and negotiation.


While the game is relatively easy to learn, it can be complex for some players. The game's multiple mechanics and strategies may be overwhelming for players who are new to the hobby or who prefer simpler games.


Champions of Midgard is not a cheap game, especially when you factor in the cost of expansions. This may not be ideal for players who are on a tight budget or who prefer games with a lower price point.

Where to find the Rules of Champions of Midgard

You can find the community-driven rules summary, player aid, etc., in the Champions of Midgard files section on the BoardGameGeek website. You need an account on BGG to download files.

Beginner Strategies for Champions of Midgard

These strategies are for players who have either not played or played one or two games of Champions of Midgard.

Focus on building a strong army

The game is all about battling monsters, so it's important to have a strong army to do so. Make sure to recruit warriors and upgrade them with weapons and armor.

Balance your resources

You need to manage your resources carefully in this game. Make sure to collect food, wood, and gold to build your army and purchase upgrades, but don't neglect your Viking dice, which are essential for battling monsters.

Plan your battles carefully

Each monster has different strengths and weaknesses, so it's important to plan your battles carefully. Make sure to choose the right warriors and Viking dice to defeat each monster.

Complete quests

Quests can give you valuable rewards, such as extra resources or victory points. Make sure to complete as many quests as possible to gain an advantage over your opponents.

Don't neglect your longship

Your longship is essential for traveling to different locations and battling sea monsters. Make sure to upgrade it and recruit sailors to make it more powerful.

Keep an eye on your opponents

Pay attention to what your opponents are doing and try to block their strategies. For example, if someone is collecting a lot of food, try to take the food spaces before they can.

Don't forget about the endgame

The game ends after a certain number of rounds, so make sure to focus on gaining victory points throughout the game. This can be done by completing quests, defeating monsters, and upgrading your longship.

Advanced Strategies for Champions of Midgard

Focus on upgrading your warriors

Upgrading your warriors with weapons and armor is important, but don't forget to also upgrade their abilities. This can give you a significant advantage in battles.

Use your Viking dice strategically

As you become more familiar with the game, you'll start to learn which Viking dice are most useful for different situations. For example, the red dice are good for attacking, while the blue dice are good for defense.

Take risks

Sometimes it's worth taking a risk to gain a big reward. For example, you might choose to battle a tough monster with a low chance of success, but a victory would give you a lot of victory points.

Plan ahead

As you become more experienced with the game, you'll start to learn how to plan ahead and anticipate your opponents' moves. Try to think several turns ahead and consider how your opponents might react to your actions.

Balance your resources and actions

It's important to balance your resources and actions carefully. Don't spend all your resources on upgrading your warriors, for example, if you won't have enough left to recruit new warriors or complete quests.

Use your longship strategically

Your longship can be a powerful tool if used correctly. Try to plan your voyages carefully to maximize your rewards and avoid wasting actions.

Pay attention to the endgame

As the game nears its end, it's important to focus on gaining victory points. Make sure to complete quests, defeat monsters, and upgrade your longship to gain as many points as possible.


Set Collection
Variable Player Powers
Dice Rolling
Worker Placement



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