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Anachrony is a worker placement game where players lead their faction to rebuild a post-apocalyptic world. Time travel, resource management, and unique player abilities add complexity to the gameplay.

8.08 / 10
BGG Rating
published year
1 - 4
player count
1 - 4
Recommended player count
30 - 120 mins
play time

How Complex is Anachrony?

4.01 / 5

Anachrony has a steep learning curve due to its many interlocking systems, but experienced gamers will find it manageable.

How much Luck is involved in the gameplay of Anachrony?

1.5 / 5

Luck has a minimal impact on gameplay as players have control over their actions and can plan ahead. However, some events and the order of certain tiles can affect strategy.

How much Player Interaction does Anachrony offer?

3.5 / 5

Anachrony has moderate player interaction as players can block each other's actions and compete for resources. However, there is no direct conflict or negotiation.

How much Replayability does Anachrony offer?

4 / 5

Anachrony offers high replayability due to the variable player powers, multiple paths to victory, and random events. The expansion modules add even more variability.

Why you should play Anachrony

Unique Time-Travel Theme

Anachrony is a game that revolves around time travel, which is a unique and interesting theme that sets it apart from other board games.

Strategic Gameplay

Anachrony is a strategic game that requires players to plan ahead and make difficult decisions in order to succeed. There are multiple paths to victory, so players can choose their own strategy.

Beautiful Artwork and Components

Anachrony features stunning artwork and high-quality components, including detailed miniatures and a beautiful game board.

Engaging Worker Placement Mechanic

Anachrony uses a worker placement mechanic that is both engaging and challenging. Players must carefully manage their workers and resources in order to gain an advantage over their opponents.


Anachrony has a high level of replayability due to the multiple paths to victory and the different factions and leaders that players can choose from. Additionally, the game includes several expansion modules that add even more variety to the gameplay.

Why you should avoid Anachrony

Complex Rules

Anachrony has a lot of rules and mechanics to learn, which can be overwhelming for new players. It may take some time to fully understand the game and its various components.

Lengthy Playtime

Anachrony is a long game that can take several hours to play, especially with a full complement of players. This may not be ideal for players who prefer shorter, more casual games.

High Learning Curve

Anachrony has a steep learning curve, which may make it difficult for some players to get into. The game requires a lot of strategic thinking and planning, which may not be appealing to everyone.


Anachrony is a relatively expensive game, which may be a barrier to entry for some players. The high-quality components and artwork come at a premium price, which may not be worth it for some players.

Where to find the Rules of Anachrony

You can find the community-driven rules summary, player aid, etc., in the Anachrony files section on the BoardGameGeek website. You need an account on BGG to download files.

Beginner Strategies for Anachrony

These strategies are for players who have either not played or played one or two games of Anachrony.

Focus on building your infrastructure early on. This means constructing buildings and upgrading your base to generate resources and increase your efficiency.

Plan ahead for the future by using your time travel abilities to bring resources and workers back from future rounds. This can give you a significant advantage over your opponents.

Keep an eye on the game's main objective, which is to prepare for an impending disaster. Make sure you are building up your resources and technologies to be ready for this event.

Don't neglect your workers. They are a valuable resource that can be used to perform actions and generate resources. Make sure you are using them effectively and efficiently.

Pay attention to the different factions in the game and their unique abilities. Try to align yourself with a faction that complements your strategy and play style.

Keep an eye on your opponents and their actions. Try to anticipate their moves and block them from achieving their objectives.

Finally, don't be afraid to experiment and try new strategies. Anachrony is a game that rewards creative thinking and strategic planning.

Advanced Strategies for Anachrony

Use your Exosuits strategically. Exosuits are powerful tools that can be used to perform actions and generate resources. However, they also require a lot of resources to maintain. Use them strategically to maximize their benefits while minimizing their costs.

Take advantage of the game's asymmetrical player powers. Each faction in Anachrony has unique abilities that can give you an advantage in certain areas of the game. Make sure you are using your faction's abilities to their fullest potential.

Plan your time travel carefully. Time travel is a powerful tool that can give you a significant advantage over your opponents. However, it also requires careful planning and resource management. Make sure you are using your time travel abilities to their fullest potential.

Keep an eye on the game's events and plan accordingly. Events can have a significant impact on the game and can change the course of play. Make sure you are planning ahead and preparing for upcoming events.

Don't neglect your reputation. Reputation is an important resource in Anachrony that can be used to gain bonuses and advantages. Make sure you are building up your reputation throughout the game.

Use your buildings strategically. Buildings are a key part of your infrastructure and can generate resources and bonuses. Make sure you are using your buildings strategically to maximize their benefits.

Finally, pay attention to your opponents and their strategies. Try to anticipate their moves and block them from achieving their objectives. Anachrony is a game that rewards strategic thinking and careful planning, so make sure you are always thinking ahead.


Variable Player Powers
Dice Rolling
Worker Placement
Solo / Solitaire Game
Turn Order: Claim Action
End Game Bonuses
Worker Placement, Different Worker Types


Science Fiction