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Maracaibo is a strategy game for 1-4 players set in the Caribbean during the 17th century. Players navigate the waters, trade goods, complete missions, and gain influence to become the most successful adventurer.

8.03 / 10
BGG Rating
published year
1 - 4
player count
1 - 4
Recommended player count
30 - 120 mins
play time

How Complex is Maracaibo?

3.91 / 5

Maracaibo has a moderate complexity level, with multiple actions and strategies to consider, but the rulebook is well-organized and gameplay flows smoothly.

How much Luck is involved in the gameplay of Maracaibo?

2.5 / 5

Luck plays a minor role in Maracaibo as players have control over their actions, but card draws and dice rolls can impact outcomes.

How much Player Interaction does Maracaibo offer?

3.5 / 5

Maracaibo offers moderate player interaction through competition for resources and missions, but players can also focus on their own strategies without much direct conflict.

How much Replayability does Maracaibo offer?

4 / 5

Maracaibo offers high replayability due to the multiple paths to victory, variable player powers, and randomized mission cards and board setup.

Why you should play Maracaibo

Strategic gameplay

Maracaibo is a highly strategic game that requires players to make careful decisions about their actions and resources in order to succeed.

Multiple paths to victory

There are multiple ways to score points in Maracaibo, including completing missions, trading goods, and exploring the Caribbean Sea. This allows players to pursue different strategies and keeps the game interesting.

Engaging theme

The game is set in the Caribbean during the 17th century, and players take on the roles of explorers, traders, and pirates. The theme is well-integrated into the gameplay and adds to the overall experience.


With multiple paths to victory and a variety of cards and missions, Maracaibo offers a high level of replayability. Players can try different strategies and explore new options each time they play.

Beautiful artwork

The game features stunning artwork and high-quality components, including detailed player boards and miniatures.

Solo mode

Maracaibo includes a solo mode, allowing players to enjoy the game even when they don't have a group to play with.

Well-balanced gameplay

The game has been carefully designed to ensure that no one strategy is overpowered, and that players have a fair chance to win regardless of their starting position or choices.

Why you should avoid Maracaibo


Maracaibo is a complex game with many different mechanics and strategies to keep track of. This can be overwhelming for new players or those who prefer simpler games.


The game can take several hours to play, which may not be ideal for players looking for a quick game or those with limited time.

Learning curve

Due to the complexity of the game, there is a steep learning curve for new players. It may take several playthroughs to fully understand the rules and mechanics.

Limited player interaction

While there is some player interaction in Maracaibo, it is not as high as in other games. This may not be ideal for players who enjoy games with a lot of player interaction and negotiation.

Luck-based elements

While the game is primarily strategic, there are some luck-based elements such as the draw of mission cards and the order of the exploration tiles. This may not be appealing to players who prefer games with no luck-based elements.

Where to find the Rules of Maracaibo

You can find the community-driven rules summary, player aid, etc., in the Maracaibo files section on the BoardGameGeek website. You need an account on BGG to download files.

Beginner Strategies for Maracaibo

These strategies are for players who have either not played or played one or two games of Maracaibo.

Focus on completing missions

The main way to earn points in Maracaibo is by completing missions. Make sure to choose missions that complement each other and work towards completing them as efficiently as possible.

Manage your resources carefully

Resources are limited in Maracaibo, so it's important to manage them carefully. Make sure to balance your spending and income to ensure that you always have enough resources to complete your missions.

Use your character's abilities

Each character in Maracaibo has unique abilities that can be used to gain an advantage. Make sure to use your character's abilities as much as possible to help you complete missions and earn points.

Plan ahead

Maracaibo is a game that rewards careful planning. Make sure to think ahead and consider how your actions will affect your future turns.

Keep an eye on your opponents

In Maracaibo, your opponents can also earn points by completing missions. Keep an eye on what your opponents are doing and try to block them from completing missions whenever possible.

Don't neglect the board

The board in Maracaibo is full of opportunities to earn points and gain advantages. Make sure to explore the board and take advantage of any opportunities that arise.

Remember, Maracaibo is a complex game that takes time to master. Don't be discouraged if you don't win your first few games – keep practicing and experimenting with different strategies until you find what works best for you.

Advanced Strategies for Maracaibo

Focus on the endgame

As you become more familiar with Maracaibo, you'll start to get a sense of how the game will end. Use this knowledge to plan ahead and make sure you're in a strong position when the game ends.

Use the bonus actions wisely

Bonus actions can be incredibly powerful in Maracaibo, but they're also limited. Make sure to use them strategically to gain an advantage over your opponents.

Pay attention to the scoring track

The scoring track in Maracaibo can give you a good sense of how well you're doing compared to your opponents. Keep an eye on the scoring track and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Don't be afraid to take risks

Maracaibo is a game that rewards bold moves. Don't be afraid to take risks and try new strategies – sometimes the biggest rewards come from the biggest risks.

Consider the timing of your actions

In Maracaibo, the timing of your actions can be just as important as the actions themselves. Make sure to consider the order in which you take your actions to maximize their effectiveness.

Use the board to your advantage

The board in Maracaibo is full of opportunities to gain advantages over your opponents. Make sure to explore the board and take advantage of any opportunities that arise.

Remember, Maracaibo is a complex game that takes time to master. Keep experimenting with different strategies and don't be afraid to try new things – sometimes the best strategies are the ones that nobody else is using.


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