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Teotihuacan: City of Gods

Teotihuacan: City of Gods is a strategic board game where players take on the roles of workers in the ancient city of Teotihuacan, competing to build the most impressive structures and gain the favor of the gods.

7.87 / 10
BGG Rating
published year
1 - 4
player count
1 - 4
Recommended player count
90 - 120 mins
play time

How Complex is Teotihuacan: City of Gods?

3.78 / 5

Teotihuacan: City of Gods has a moderate complexity, with a steep learning curve but intuitive mechanics. The expansion adds more complexity with new modules.

How much Luck is involved in the gameplay of Teotihuacan: City of Gods?

2.5 / 5

Luck plays a minor role in Teotihuacan: City of Gods, as players have control over their actions and can mitigate the impact of luck through strategic planning. However, some luck is involved in the draw of resource tiles and dice rolls.

How much Player Interaction does Teotihuacan: City of Gods offer?

3 / 5

Teotihuacan: City of Gods has limited direct player interaction, but players can block each other's progress and compete for resources and temple bonuses. The expansion adds more interaction with the new technology track.

How much Replayability does Teotihuacan: City of Gods offer?

4 / 5

Teotihuacan: City of Gods offers high replayability due to the variable board setup, multiple paths to victory, and unique player powers that change each game. The expansion also adds more variability.

Why you should play Teotihuacan: City of Gods

Unique Theme

Teotihuacan: City of Gods is set in the ancient city of Teotihuacan, which is a unique and interesting theme that is not often explored in board games.

Strategic Gameplay

The game offers a deep and engaging strategic gameplay experience, where players must manage resources, build structures, and advance their workers to gain victory points.

Variable Player Powers

Each player has a unique player power that can be used to gain an advantage over their opponents, adding an extra layer of strategy to the game.


The game has a high replayability factor, with different strategies and paths to victory available each time you play.

Beautiful Components

The game features high-quality components, including detailed miniatures and beautiful artwork, which add to the immersive experience.

Solo Play

The game also offers a solo play mode, which is perfect for those who enjoy playing board games alone.


Teotihuacan: City of Gods has won several awards, including the 2019 Golden Geek Board Game of the Year award, which is a testament to its quality and popularity among board game enthusiasts.

Why you should avoid Teotihuacan: City of Gods


Teotihuacan: City of Gods can be quite complex, with a lot of rules and mechanics to learn, which may be overwhelming for some players.

Lengthy Gameplay

The game can take a long time to play, especially with a full player count, which may not be suitable for those who prefer shorter game sessions.

Limited Interaction

The game has limited player interaction, with players primarily focused on their own strategies and not directly interacting with each other, which may not be appealing to some players.


While the theme of Teotihuacan: City of Gods is unique and interesting, it may not be appealing to everyone, especially those who prefer more familiar or mainstream themes.


The game is relatively expensive compared to other board games, which may be a barrier for some players who are on a budget.

Where to find the Rules of Teotihuacan: City of Gods

You can find the community-driven rules summary, player aid, etc., in the Teotihuacan: City of Gods files section on the BoardGameGeek website. You need an account on BGG to download files.

Beginner Strategies for Teotihuacan: City of Gods

These strategies are for players who have either not played or played one or two games of Teotihuacan: City of Gods.

Focus on building your pyramid

The pyramid is the main way to score points in the game, so it's important to focus on building it up as quickly as possible. Try to collect as many resources as you can and use them to build new levels on your pyramid.

Plan your worker movements carefully

Each turn, you can move your workers a certain number of spaces, but you need to plan your movements carefully to make the most of your actions. Try to move your workers to spaces where you can collect resources or take actions that will help you build your pyramid.

Use the technology track to your advantage

The technology track is a great way to gain powerful bonuses that can help you throughout the game. Try to focus on advancing your technology as quickly as possible, but don't neglect other areas of the game.

Keep an eye on your opponents

Teotihuacan is a competitive game, so it's important to keep an eye on what your opponents are doing. Try to block them from taking actions that will benefit them and take advantage of opportunities to score points before they do.

Don't forget about the temple

The temple is another way to score points in the game, so don't neglect it. Try to collect as many masks as you can and use them to gain bonuses and score points.

Overall, the key to success in Teotihuacan is to balance your actions carefully and focus on building your pyramid while also keeping an eye on your opponents. Good luck!

Advanced Strategies for Teotihuacan: City of Gods

Focus on the end game

As you become more familiar with the game, you'll start to see how the different actions and strategies can impact your final score. Try to plan ahead and focus on actions that will help you score points in the end game, such as building the pyramid to certain heights or collecting specific sets of resources.

Use the power of the wild dice

The wild dice can be incredibly powerful, as they can be used to represent any resource or symbol. Try to collect as many wild dice as you can and use them strategically to help you take the actions you need.

Experiment with different strategies

Teotihuacan is a game with many different paths to victory, so don't be afraid to experiment with different strategies. For example, you could focus on collecting as many masks as possible to gain bonuses from the temple, or you could try to advance your technology track as quickly as possible to gain powerful bonuses.

Pay attention to the board state

As the game progresses, the board state will change as players move their workers and build their pyramids. Try to pay attention to these changes and adjust your strategy accordingly. For example, if another player is close to completing their pyramid, you may want to focus on blocking them from taking the actions they need.

Don't forget about the cocoa

Cocoa is a powerful resource in Teotihuacan, as it can be used to gain bonuses and score points. Try to collect as much cocoa as you can and use it strategically to help you achieve your goals.

Overall, the key to success in Teotihuacan is to be flexible and adaptable, and to focus on the actions and strategies that will help you score the most points in the end game. Good luck!


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